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Humanity at stake? The authorities are preparing for battle.

A big giant mutant eagle has been spotted just further from the city. It is known that it flies around searching for nearby people and feeds it's children with the likes! Authorities say that nobody is advised to go into the country today because their lives just might be at risk.

A sunny day like today is already a sign of many people gathering for picnics. It can only mean one thing. They are either going to be, or already are - eaten. Again, we advise not to go outside of the city because a big giant mutant eagle is roaming the country and searching for humans to feed it's babies with. All we know for now is that the eagle might be a civtim of the nearby nuclear powerplant waste and now it's spreading and trying to raise it's babies.

Is it doing all this because of a simple revenge to humanity or is it trying to live normally while gathering us - humans - as food? We can only hope our fellow authorities will shoot it down and end it's misery. We advise one more time that you stay in the city bounds as currently, it is the safest place so far and we believe it will stay that way. May god help us all.

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